Download Instagram Highlights

Download Instagram Highlights

With the Instabig Highlights download tool, you can download the featured stories of Instagram users. You can't download Highlights through the Instagram app or website. Special tools have been developed to download them. The Instabig Highlights download tool gives you the ability to secretly track and download them.

Using this tool is completely free and easy. Type the Instagram username you want to download the highlights of in the box above or paste the link you copied. Then click on dec search button. You will see the Instagram Highlights of the user you are looking for. By clicking on them, you can see the Instagram Highlights and download them by clicking the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram highlight stories downloader?

Instabig highlights downloader is an online tool where you can anonymously view Instagram highlight stories of public accounts and download them to your phone or computer.

How can I save Instagram highlights?

You can download the Instagram highlights of that account to your phone or computer by typing the username of the Instagram account whose highlight story you want to download in the search box above or by pasting the profile link.

Can I zoom the cover of the highlight stories?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Our work continues for this. We hope that we will include this feature as soon as possible.

Is it free to use this service?

Yes, it's completely free. With the Instabig featured download tool, you can view and download Instagram highlight stories for free.

How much can I download Instagram highlights?

Unlimited number. With Instabig, you can download an unlimited number of Instagram highlights from an unlimited number of accounts.

How can I download Instagram highlights from the private accounts?

We care about user privacy. As mentioned in our Privacy Policy, you can only download Instagram highlights from public accounts. Instabig does not allow you to see and download highlight stories of private accounts.

Will the person whose highlights I have downloaded see me?

The Instagram highlights that you view and download via Instabig will not be visible to the account owner. The software we use does not allow the account owner to see you. So you can view and download Instagram highlights anonymously.

In what quality can I download Instagram highlights?

You can download highlight stories in the highest quality supported by Instagram. For photos and videos, this value is 1080p (Full HD).

Where can I find the highlights I downloaded?

You can find the Instagram highlights you downloaded in the downloads folder of your phone (Android, iOS) or in the gallery app in the downloads folder of your computer (Windows, macOS).

Full Size

You can see the full resolution of the profile pictures.


You can download profile pictures to your smart phone and computer.


The profiles you look at are saved in your browser cookies, so you can look it again.

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