Download Instagram Photo

Download Instagram Photo

With our Instagram Photo Downloader tool, you can easily download photos on Instagram. It is very easy to download photos that cannot be downloaded via the Instagram application with the Instabig photo download tool. In order for you to download Instagram photos in HD, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Paste the link to the Instagram Photo you want to download into the search box located above, and then press the search button. After the page is loaded, you can see the Instagram Photo in full resolution and download it to your phone by clicking the Download button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram photo downloader?

Instabig photo downloader is the tool that allows you to download Instagram photos online. With this tool, you can download the Instagram photo you wish to your phone.

How can I save Instagram photos?

Copy the link of the Instagram photo you want to download and paste it into the search box above and click the "Search" button. You will see the preview of the Instagram photo you want to download. You can save the Instagram photo to your phone by clicking the "Download" button under the photo.

Is it free to use this service?

Yes, it's completely free. With the Instabig photo downloader, you can view and download Instagram photos for free.

How many Instagram photos can I download?

Unlimited number. With Instabig, you can download as many Instagram photos as you want.

How can I view and download Instagram photos of private accounts?

We care about user privacy. As mentioned in our Privacy Policy, you can only download Instagram photos of public accounts. Instabig does not allow viewing and downloading Instagram photos of private accounts.

Will the account whose Instagram photos I downloaded see me?

Instagram photos that you view and download via Instabig are not visible to the owner of the account. The software we use does not allow the owner of the photo to see you, so you can view and download Instagram photos anonymously.

In what quality can I download Instagram photos?

With the Instabig photo download tool, you can download Instagram photos in 1080p (Full HD).

Where can I find the Instagram photos I downloaded?

You can find the Instagram photos you downloaded in the downloads folder of your phone (Android, iOS) or in the gallery app, in the downloads folder of your computer (Windows, macOS).

Full Size

You can see the full resolution of the profile pictures.


You can download profile pictures to your smart phone and computer.


The profiles you look at are saved in your browser cookies, so you can look it again.

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