Delete Instagram Account 2022

Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, reached 1 billion users in June 2018 and has exceeded 2 billion active users today. Instagram, which is used every day by millions of users from 7 to 70, can meet many needs such as communication, commerce, information and entertainment. While the number of new users is increasing day by day, the number of those who want to say goodbye to Instagram is not less. In this article, detailed information has been compiled for those who want to delete Instagram accounts.

How to Delete Instagram Account?

Before permanently deleting your Instagram account, you can back up your account. With the help of tools designed in many different ways, you can download your photos or videos and save your stories directly with the Instagram application. You can also keep track of the people you follow or take a screenshot to look at it later. Then you are ready to delete Instagram account.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account:

  1. Step 1: Open the account deletion page of Instagram by clicking the Instagram account deactivation link below or here!
  2. Step 2: Log in to your account with your username and password from the page that opens, or check if you have logged in before. Login to your Instagram account to delete it
    Login to your Instagram account to delete it
  3. Step 3: At this stage, answer the Instagram's "Why do you want to delete your account?" question. Select one of the relevant options or click "Something else". Why do you want to delete your Instagram account
    Why do you want to delete your Instagram account
  4. Step 4: After re-entering your password, clicking the "Delete Account" button below, your account will be deleted and you will be redirected to the Instagram login page, after this step your account can no longer be viewed by others. Last step to delete Instagram account
    Last step to delete Instagram account

After Instagram account delete process, your account will not be seen by anyone else, but will be active again when you log in within 30 days.

Instagram Account Delete Link

The Instagram account delete link, which is one of the things that users who want to close their Instagram account, generally research, is as follows.

Instagram account delete link:

How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily?

Instagram account disable temporarily is a reversible way as opposed to deleting an account. Temporary deactivation of Instagram account is a very good option for users who want to take a break from Instagram in the short or medium term but want their account not to be deleted.

  1. Firstly, after logging into your Instagram account from an internet browser, switch to the "Profile" page and click on the "Edit Profile" option next to the username. How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily
    Switch to the Profile Edit page
  2. Then click on "Temporarily disable my account". Disable Your Instagram Account Temporarily
    Temporary disable Instagram account

After stating the reason and entering your password, your account will be temporarily closed. Your profile is no longer visible on Instagram, and no one will see you until you log in again.

How to delete Hacked Instagram Accounts

If your Instagram account has been hacked or stolen, you can close it by following these steps:

  1. First go to this address
  2. Click on "My account has been hacked". Then fill out the form and describe your hacking problem.
  3. Your account will be closed shortly after.

Is It Possible to Delete Someone Else's Instagram Account?

If you are not the account owner, it is not possible to delete someone else's Instagram account. However, you can give feedback on closing the recently popular fake Instagram account with reasonable justifications.

Delete Instagram Business Account

You can delete your Instagram business account in three different ways:

  1. By switching to personal account
  2. By deleting the account completely from the Instagram account deletion steps
  3. Temporarily deactivating your Instagram business account

Delete Instagram Fake Account

Delete Instagram fake accounts is one of the most frequently asked questions recently. These accounts are increasing day by day. When you see an account impersonating someone or a business you know, click "report" in the profile options section. Then select your complaint reason as "impersonating someone else" and give feedback by pressing the submit button. Instagram will review your feedback shortly.

Delete Instagram Account 2022
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