Download Instagram Stories and Highlights

Stories are one of the most used features of Instagram. Stories are photos and videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Users use stories very actively, as they are not permanent and are deleted after a certain period of time. So how can you download Instagram stories? Is it possible to download Instagram stories?

If you want to see a story even after it has been deleted, you have to download that Instagram story. Because if you don't download an Instagram story, once deleted, you will no longer be able to access it. Don't worry if you don't know how to download Instagram stories. This article is for you!

What is Instagram Stories and Highlights?

It is possible to share non-permanent posts on Instagram with stories. Stories are photos and videos that are automatically deleted 24 hours after posting. You can see who is looking at the stories you share and block users you don't want. You cannot like and comment on stories, but you can leave a phrase and reply to an Instagram story.

So why do users use stories so actively? Because stories are temporary posts, users usually share their instantaneous events as stories. For example, they can share the food they eat, the concert they go to or a music they are listening to. This makes Instagram more effective and useful.

If you don't want a story you've shared to be deleted after 24 hours, you can highlight them. The stories you featured are found side by side and categorized just below your profile photo. Any user who visits your profile can view them.

Download Instagram Stories and Highlights

How to Download Instagram Stories?

After Instagram stories are deleted, you cannot access them. You may want to download stories to your phone, but Instagram does not allow downloading stories within its own app. So how can you download Instagram stories to your phone without an app?

InstaBig allows you to download stories in full resolution to your phone. Type the username in the search box above and then click on the stories button to download Instagram stories. If the user does not have a hidden account, you can watch their stories invisibly and download the Instagram story by clicking the download button. This is completely free and works without an application. With a simple and convenient InstaBig interface, it's never been easier to download Instagram stories and watch them invisibly. Enjoy Instagram story download with InstaBig!

Download Instagram Stories and Highlights
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